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Read Here First!!!

Hi All!  Well we had another successful year at the National and I am so glad that we were able to make it this year.  I do have to apologize in advance for not having taken pictures of all the dogs that were shown. (Sometimes I needed to go to the bathroom and one time I had an equipment issue!)  .  I will upload these as fast as I can but these are big files and take a long time to upload - so keep checking back because there will be more each day.  I don't have a grand total yet but I think there are around 6000 pictures!

I take this many to get a good shot and there are so many that I just cannot edit them all!  So ....... they are all uploaded "as is" and have the bad with the good.  You are welcome to get them from this website and I cannot tell you how much I appreciate all of the support and kind words that you say when you stop by and say hello!  THANK YOU!!!!!!

Now go ahead and click on "BROWSE" and you will see the 2019 National Specialty Photos.  

Remember to check back!!!!!